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Blood Diamond


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Blood Diamond--Out now from The Wild Rose Press

Dodging an angry warlord and running through the rain forest in Congo Brazzaville was not what Jillian St. James expected when she signed up with Doctors Without Borders. Yet that’s exactly what she gets after a mysterious visit from her brother.

Mercenary Mack Nichols doesn’t have much faith in humanity these days. When a beautiful young doctor denies being part of the theft of a blue diamond from his client, he doesn’t put much stock in her story.

Neither have reason to trust the other and their mutual attraction is an inconvenience to both. A betrayal and the reveal of an evil plan pit these two against an army. Can they put aside their doubts and work together to bring down a corrupt, power-hungry overlord or will their chance at love be over before it ever starts?


Blood Diamond reads much like an action movie. A sense of danger, a true villain, even some explosions add to that perspective. Top it off with a couple of hot scenes between the leading couple and you've got all the ingredients for a "blockbuster" The Romance Reviews

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The plot drives this story, as we so want to understand what really happened and see how Jillian figures it out; but even better, the characters give wonderful depth, throughout. The setting, characters, and plot twists are all nicely unpredictable and Blood Diamond will definitely keep your interest. Long and Short Reviews

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